What to Wear to Fall Events


I absolutely love fall weddings and seasonal events.  There’s something about the chill in the air that makes everything just a little more exciting.

I have, however, found myself stumped when it comes to dressing for these events.  Most of what I find is a little over-the-top seasonal and the last thing I want to do is show up to the event looking like a gift-wrapped present.


When I found this dress, I knew I found the perfect fall event attire.  Elegant and romantic, meets low-key and easy.  My favorite combo.  I never like for my outfits to be too fussy and this dress was just an easy ‘yes.’


Photos all by the lovely Minoo Bassery

I have also linked some more of my favorites below!  Stay tuned for another post on this natural beauty makeup look!

Dress:  Lord + Taylor Bardot Dress

Necklace:  Diamond and Rose Gold from Jewelry Artisans


Lace Dress
Velvet Dress

xoxo, Lauren

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