Coffee Date



Coffee dates are one of my favorite things.  When my husband asked what I wanted to do in Nashville this coming weekend, I said ‘get coffee.’ Exploring coffee shops has become a ‘must’ for us when we travel! I love that undivided time together and the fact that coffee shops are designed for you to linger.

I also love to meet friends for coffee dates.  It is an inexpensive way to spend time together + catch up – and we almost always end up running into other friends at our favorite spots in Atlanta.

I have friends that have met their husbands on coffee dates.  Whether it is a blind date or a set up, coffee is an low-pressure first meeting.  You can make it a quick meeting – or if it is going well, like I said – coffee shops are made for lingering.  One issue that my friends always run into is ‘what to wear?’  I love an effortless look for a coffee date and a throw-on dress is perfectly fitting.


Octane Coffee in Grant Park (Atlanta) is one of my favorites!  For this coffee date, I chose an olive green dolman sleeve dress, minimalist jewelry and soft + pretty makeup/hair.  See the details below:

Dress: Dolman Sleeved Shift Dress

Necklace: My Christmas gift from Jonathan last year!  Rose gold + diamond necklace from Jewelry Artisans


BB Cream in Aglow

Palette for eyes, cheeks and highlighter

Mascara in Extreme Black

Lipshine in Honest

Hair:  I use a one-inch barrel curling iron, curling away from my face.  I curl into tight ringlets and let them cool while I finish getting ready.  The last thing I do is brush out my curls, so they turn into soft waves.

Bag: Madewell tote

xoxo, Lauren

3 thoughts on “Coffee Date

  1. Daniel and I met at a coffee shop! 😉 Boy + Girl + 2 kids and many cups of coffee = 17 years!!! I enjoy reading your posts! You look great! I need you to “re-create” my look or at least help me refresh it!

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