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100% Pure Favorites


I posted a few weeks ago about a ‘free gift’ deal that 100% Pure was offering.  I was able to stock-up on some much needed essentials and have been testing them out all week so that I could share my thoughts with you all.  The best news – if you still want to try any 100% Pure products and missed the last promo, they are offering 20% OFF online with the code: COLUMBUS2016.  You have until October 10th to shop this deal!

The catalyst for making the order was the 100% Pure BB Cream in 20 Aglow.  This is my everyday foundation.  It is a primer, foundation and sunscreen all in one.  It really is super glowy.  I mentioned before that I prefer a full-medium coverage foundation because I use coconut oil and rosewater on my skin.  The foundation does not go on quite as heavy over those products and it gives me the perfect finish.  I really recommend this product – the only downfall is that it only comes in 3 shades.  If you are able to wear one of the shades, this is an amazing foundation.

I ordered the 100% Pure Long Last Concealer in Peach Bisque and I am very happy with it! The shade was perfect for my skin tone and I love the formulation.  It is made with super fruits and it is a medium coverage concealer.  It was a touch on the lighter side, which is perfect for my under eye.  (Tip: I always bring my under eye concealer all the way down to the tops of my cheekbones for a natural contour.  You want lighter shades to go where the light would naturally hit your face, if you shined a flashlight downward from the top of your head.)  This concealer is my new every day concealer!

The Pretty Naked II Palette.  Who doesn’t love a palette?! I chose this palette because I always opt for brown eye colors.  This palette comes with 3 – Beam (champagne color), Splendor (chocolate) and Vivid (deep brown plum with a hint of shimmer).  The colors are really nice – Beam is great for all over and it has a hint of shimmer but it’s more just to make you glow.  Splendor is a nice, natural contouring and under eye liner.  Vivid will definitely be my least-used because I will use it more for night time events.  It’s still really nice and I am glad to add it to my collection.  For me, the blush and luminizer are the real winners of this palette.  The blush in Afterglow is a great tawny-peachy, natural color that has great color payoff.  A couple little swipes and you are good-to-go and it lasts throughout the day (praise hands!). The luminizer is just my absolute favorite of the lot.  It is not too shiny, not too shimmery, natural gorgeousness.  I swipe once on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, under my eyebrows and the inner corners of my eyes.  It is the perfect finishing step!  I really think this palette is a MUST for any clean beauty gal’s collection.

The 100% Pure Creamy Long Last Liner is exactly what it says in it’s name.  It goes on super smooth + dark, and stays for hours.  The pencil is super skinny, so you can really work with it to get the look you want!  Mine is in the shade ‘blackest.’

The 100% natural, 100% vegetarian Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea has my favorite style mascara brush!  It is one of those plump, really bristley ones that makes me feel like it is going to coat each lash and fluff them up!  I love the user experience with this mascara!  The formula is great too – a naturally glossy black shade that just makes you feel pretty when you put it on!

The Lip Caramel in Truffle is SO GOOD.  It has intense color payoff and the perfect fall mauve color.  You can put it on with full intensity to get an on-trend tawny mauve.  Or for everyday, I like to use it like a stain.  I put it on and let it sit a minute while I do something else, then I dab a little off and let the intense color + moisture linger.  100% Pure products are dyed with fruit and this product is super moisturizing because of the pomegranate oil + cocoa butter.

Shop this post:  100% Pure BB Cream, Pretty Naked II PaletteFruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer, Creamy Long Last LinerFruit Pigmented Mascara,  Lip Caramel

My next purchase: 100% Pure Creamy Polish in Pudding!  I love this tawny 90’s shade for fall and 100% Pure polishes are 10-free (meaning free of 10 toxic ingredients!!)!

xoxo, Lauren

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