Super Gift Time


If you have not quite made the leap to try out natural beauty products, here’s your chance!!  One of my favorite brands, 100% Pure, is offering their SUPER GIFT with any $69 purchase!  You get 5 products for free (a $119 value), including the foundation that I wear every day – 100% Pure BB Cream!!! I can’t get over this amazing deal and I have already placed my order!  I absolutely love this brand – they are 100% natural + 100% vegan.  Their products are dyed with fruits and vegetables!  I have loved every product that I have ever tried from this line!

100pureWhat you get:

BB Cream in a choice of 3 shades (I wear Shade 20)

Black Tea Mascara

Lip Caramel in Truffle

Black Eye Pencil + Makeup Pouch


100% Pure BB Cream is my go-to foundation.  I have been wearing + loving it for months. 100% Pure BB Cream is a full-medium coverage foundation with SPF 15!  I personally prefer a full coverage foundation because it has staying power over the serums + oils that I use on my skin.  For everyday, I apply my RMS Coconut Cream and then 100% Pure BB Cream with a rosewater tonic.  I’ll simply spray my sponge or brush with rosewater and use to apply the foundation.  100% Pure BB Cream is also very glowy!  I just love it and I have recommended it to so many friends.  The only downside is that it only comes in 3 shades right now.  I am a Shade 20.

To receive my Super Gift, I purchased two products!  The first is the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Long Lasting Concealer in Peach Bisque.


I have not yet tried this concealer but I always opt for a full coverage concealer, as well.  I feel like I can always blend a concealer if it is too heavy, but lighter concealers cannot cover spots or dark circles like I want them too.  This product has great reviews and I think I am going to love it!



pretty_naked_2_palettes_largeThe second product I ordered is the 100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette II! I can never turn down a good palette!  Palettes are generally a good value – you get a lot for what you pay –
and this one is no exception.  There are three eyeshadows, a blush + a highlighter.  I thought the colors were gorgeous (especially for Fall) and I needed a new powder blush!  I have tried 100% Pure’s other palettes in my local natural beauty store and they seemed to have great color payoff.  I’ll let you know what I think about these products after I try them!

Happy Shopping!  Please be sure to comment below or on my Instagram if you end up shopping the Super Gift sale!!  I’d love to know what you decide to buy!!!

xoxo, Lauren

Current Mood


I am so ready for Fall.  Something has changed in the air in Georgia.

However, it is still a balmy 90-something degrees out and we are over here dressing for summer.  I won’t let that stop me from incorporating Fall fashion into my day because fall nail polish + fall lips + boots + jackets is THE BEST.

This Axiology lipstick is the perfect transition color.  It is a gorgeous crimson red that turns these hazel eyes green and I couldn’t love it more.  The shade is called Noble (LOVE!) and it is just as moisturizing, as it is beautiful.

Axiology lipsticks are all natural + vegan. They come in several amazing shades and can I just say – PACKAGING!  They feel just as luxurious as they look!

Top the cheeks off with my fave highlighter, Au Naturale (read more here) and you have got that endless summer look!

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These wedges are my new favorite for transitioning into fall!  A little feminine, a little rugged.  And from Nordstrom Rack!

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xoxo, Lauren

Agent Nateur’s Story

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One of the many reasons why I love Clean Beauty products is the passion that fueled them. Most of the products that I use were started by one or two people who have a passion for health + wanted to give consumers healthy options.  I love that.  Someone who loves the products that make women feel beautiful + want to give them a better-for-you option.  I completely respect the drive + determination that it took to create these products.  It took vision and persistence to mix hundreds of ingredients to replace the harmful ones that conventional companies are using.  I often like to read the stories of why these products were created because not only am I buying/using/loving a great product, but it usually was developed to add something good to the world.

A lot of these entrepreneurs have a story to tell.  Sometimes it’s a hard one.  RMS Beauty was birthed out of the struggle that founder, Rose Marie Swift, was having with her own health.  (You can read a little more here.)   Today, I read the Instagram post below from Jena Covello, founder of Agent Nateur (my fave natural deodorant).  I hope you will read it and be inspired.  Although Jena’s pain is very real, she is creating something so special from it + helping people with a better alternative deodorant.

“Just today I read a quote on@mastinkipp‘s Instagram that your wound leads you to your purpose. I’ve suffered with #endometriosis ever since I was a teenager. I’ve had multiple surgeries and have healed the endo by taking a holistic approach to my health. It’s not easy and I’ve tried many different alternative treatments. I don’t publicly share this often, but nearly every day I’m in so much physical pain. In 2014 my pain became so severe that I stopped working and three doctors misdiagnosed me with fibroids and wanted to perform another c section surgery. I refused it because I didn’t want more scar tissue. That year I threw away my toxic deodorant and bought every natural deodorant on the market. Not one worked in a stick. So I cooked Agent for nine months in a tiny LE Creuset pan before perfecting it in November 2014. I was aware that aluminum was an endocrine disruptor and mimicked estrogen. Endo and Adenomyosis are estrogen dominant diseases so you must rid the liver of excess estrogen. Just recently I was properly diagnosed with #Adenomyosis by a very good doctor who said more surgery would cause more damage. It’s a very painful condition and it affects with women with endo or women who have had c section surgeries from endo or childbirth. By working with a cranial therapy specialist and my alternative doctor, I have it somewhat under control by taking high doses of iodine to balance my thyroid and heavy doses of supplements and sulfur. The physical pain I’ve suffered with for over 20 years enabled me to learn and educate myself. It enabled me to create a beautiful, healthy product I get to share with the world. It enabled me to take this beautiful trip to continue educating myself. My French teacher believes she has an ingredient to replace the baking soda in Agent that causes a rash in minimal amount of people. If I can break through that obstacle and help more people make the switch to natural deodorant I will feel that part of my soul’s purpose is truly being fulfilled. Thank you all for loving Agent. I created this alchemy to heal myself and others.”

Thank you, Jena, for your creation!!

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xoxo, Lauren

Simplicity with RMS

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I love simplicity.  I am constantly fighting for simplicity in my life.  I can so easily fill up every hour of my schedule with work, blogging, socializing and other things.  But I have recently been on a journey of leaving space.

‘You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.’ – Dallas Williard

What am I missing in the hurry?  Am I too busy for the unexpected conversation or to notice when the unimaginable happens?

I am constantly doing a check-up to make sure that I am leaving room in my schedule for the things that are good for my soul – reading, writing, praying and just space.

I have also recently been working on a purge of my things.  When my husband and I got married, he moved in our house with clothes, books and golf clubs.  Literally.  That’s it. My move was pretty much the exact opposite.   I admire his minimalism so much and I have started to adopt the lifestyle.  I keep my closet on rotation and I never want to feel like I am being overrun by my things. It’s very freeing.

This simplicity that I am aiming for is one of the reasons that I love the natural beauty brand, RMS.  The packaging makes the products feel less fussy and I just really enjoy using them.  The effects are the best part.

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I literally use the RMS Coconut Cream every single day.  I slather it on every morning and night.  I feel like my skin just loves it and drinks it up.  You can read more of my thoughts here.

The RMS Living Luminizer is an excellent highlighter that can be used for everyday and ramped up for night time.  Many highlighters can be too shiny or glittery for daytime.  The Living Luminizer has won many accolades because it has a super natural effect.  I feel like it makes my skin look healthy + dewy during the day and a little extra gives a nice night time effect!

The Lip2Cheek in Honest is a great every day lip color.  It has a peachy-nude color and goes on like butter.  It is perfect for a handbag because it can be used to touch up your lips and dabbed on the cheeks for a natural flush.

RMS Nail Polish is a 6-free formula that has gorgeous color payoff and lasts!  It is free of the following ingredients:

Formaldehyde Resin
Animal Products
I am clearly in love with this brand and I know you will love it, too!  It certainly lives up to the hype!

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I’m also obsessed with: RMS Make-up Remover Wipes

My next purchase: RMS Master Mixer

xoxo, Lauren