Friday Q + A

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I have absolutely loved this new journey in blogging about Clean Beauty.  There are many names for this type of beauty products (green, organic, nontoxic, etc.), but they all point to an intentional choice for what you are putting on your face + body. I love being able to help women learn about these products and advising on the best ones to choose.

More than the products themselves, my passion lies in the conversation around beauty. As we are starting to make healthier choices in beauty, I want to see us to make healthier choices in how we view our own beauty.  Rather than looking at beauty products as a way to ‘fix’ or ‘change’ what you see in the mirror, I prefer this approach:  accentuate, enhance + nourish.

Accentuate your favorite features.

Enhance your beauty.

Nourish your skin + choose products that are good for you.

I also understand that making the switch to clean beauty can be a little daunting because it is hard to know where to start.  I have loved receiving questions from my readers and I thought that many of you may be having the same questions, so I will be posting some of them!

Question from Lauren C.:

‘For the past few months, I’ve really been interested in making the switch to clean skincare (or at least, “cleaner” than what I’m currently doing), but I have felt a little lost as to where to begin. I am so happy to have found your blog! Since reading your recommendations, I have purchased travel sizes of the One Love face wash, Wonder Balm and Micro Scrub. I am really loving these so far, but I want to ask what you recommend for SPF?’

Funny you should ask about SPF, I just purchased a new one!  I haven’t even had the chance to try it, but I found it at TJMaxx so I picked it up.  Here’s an Amazon link:  Hang 10 Face Sunscreen.  I also got the spray, but it’s only SPF 8:  Hang Ten Spray. They are made by my favorite natural sunscreen company, Coola.  But I have tried the target brand of Coola before and I wasn’t a fan.  So we will see.  But, I’m not opposed to returning it if I don’t like it!
As for the real thing and all-time favorite:  Coola Citrus Mimosa Spray.  It is just the best.  The formula isn’t too thick, it’s not greasy, it sprays well, and it has a light scent.  It protects well.  I love it and I splurge every OTHER summer on it 🙂  The bottle does last though, so I totally recommend it!! I really want this kit:  Coola Kit.  I also think this product is genius:  Coola Setting Spray.  If you are going to be wearing makeup, you just spray it on top of your makeup.  I have it and LOVE it.
This one I have tried:  Goddess Garden It was perfect for our vacation because it really protects.  I will say it is a little thicker than what I would like to wear by the pool for a couple of hours.  My husband loved it because he could get in the water and play and he didn’t burn at all.  We are big fans of spray formulas too, and it had a good sprayer 😉  Here’s the lotion formula:  Goddess Garden Lotion They also make a face sunscreen + makeup primer that looks cool:  Goddess Garden Face Sunscreen
Lastly, I also want to try this 100% Pure Sunscreen.  They also make a face stick.  My husband loves suncreen sticks for his face..makes it so easy!  These will probably be my next SPF!
Of course, I always use my fave True Natural Sunless Tanner  for a sun glow!
xoxo, Lauren

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