Roman Holiday


It’s time for a little peek into the Italian part of our trip to the Mediterranean!  You can see my other posts (Paris, Barcelona + Provence) for a little background on the early part of the trip and the inspiration for going.  The trip feels like an amazing dream and thanks to the Norwegian Cruise Lines Spirit ship, we were able to visit 10 cities in 6 different countries! (We tagged Paris on to the front end because…why not?)

Jonathan and I were excited to join our family for such an amazing experience and we were excited to get to revisit Italy.  We went to Italy just two years ago on our honeymoon.  On our honeymoon, we were there for two weeks and visited several spots including Florence, Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Venice.  The first 5 days were our absolute favorite part – they were spent in Sardinia, an island off of the coast of Italy!  In Sardinia, you can only get to the beaches by boat.  They were the most exquisite beaches I have ever seen – they felt very remote and each was unique from the others!  That was one of the most unforgettable times in my life – especially because Jonathan was the captain of our rented boat and I’m pretty sure he had never sailed the open seas before!

For this trip, the Spirit Ship took us to Rome, Florence, Naples + Venice (Venice, I am saving for a later post)!  It was my first time to Rome and I feel so grateful to have been able to walk the Colosseum, the Vatican + sit under the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.  They are truly treasured memories.


The ship’s next stop was Livorno, which is the port to Florence.  I absolutely adore Florence.  On our honeymoon, Florence was the city that we had the best food.  We frequented the gelato shops, had incredible pizza + one of our favorite dinners ever.  The Pear + Gorgonzola Ravioli at La Giostra.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.  They pour champagne in your glass as they seat you and by the end of dinner, we were toasting limoncello with all of our new friends!  On this trip, we got to do something that we were so sad to miss the last time we were in Florence – seeing the David.  Absolutely a wonder.

We also took that day to visit the leaning tower of Pisa. Truthfully, it was so much cooler to experience in person than I had expected!  We went all the way to the top and your head starts to spin a little on those leaning steps!


The next stop was Naples and our group decided to spend the day in Pompeii + Capri. Pompeii is an ancient Roman city that was preserved under the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius.  It is certainly a must-see and I couldn’t get over the ingenuity + creativity that people had so long ago!  In the picture above, I am standing in front of  a wall + original paint from 79 AD.

We spent the second half of the day in Capri and I will tell you – this town solidified my love for Italy.  Capri was an absolute dream.  I loved everything about it.  We pulled up by ferry and the view of the town against the emerald water made my heart beat faster!  We dined in an open air spot, overlooking Capri and the ocean, and then spent the rest of the day walking and shopping.  Capri, I will return!


Here’s a photo of our entire group overlooking Tuscan scenery.

P1000952 (1).jpg

I have linked the items from my outfit, as well as some travel essentials!  I loved carrying my Baggu Canvas Backpack the entire trip!


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