Radiant Essentials

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**Use my code – lauren10 – for 10% off of your Radiant Essentials purchase!!!**

Custom. Skincare.

How fancy is that?

I can already start to feel the change in weather in Georgia.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is still incredibly hot and the humidity makes it hard to take a deep breath.  But soon there will be a shift in the air and with the change in seasons, comes a need for a change in skincare.

Enter custom skincare with Radiant Essentials. The brilliance of a custom skincare line is that it can be tailored to fit your individual needs + change as often as the seasons. Radiant Essentials is unique because all of the products are made fresh when you order them.  Each product is made with an organic, all natural base and a custom essential oil blend.  I first ordered the Facial Cleanser for dry skin about 9 months ago and I just love how it perfectly balances my oily/dry combo type skin.


P1020095 (1).jpg

I also ordered the Eye Jelly and it has become an essential part of my morning routine.  The Eye Jelly moisturizes with aloe and wakes up my tired eyes.  It has a cooling effect that soothes my puffiness when I haven’t had enough sleep.  I also think it gives my undereye concealer a little extra glow!

Radiant Essentials products are created by a mother (nutritionist) – daughter (cosmetologist) team that is passionate about creating quality products that are good for you too.

They also just started making men’s products… I see a Rugged Essentials gift in my husband’s future 😉

**Use my code – lauren10 – for 10% off of your Radiant Essentials purchase!!!**

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