If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I hopped around to quite a few countries this summer.  I have been putting together some posts to share about my travels, for any of your upcoming trip planning needs!  I recommend making a GoogleDoc for travel ideas and saving anything that you may want to add to your travel itinerary.  When you begin to plan your trip, you already have a bank of recommended ideas!  It also makes it easy to share with friends!



A little backstory – about a year ago, my husband’s family mentioned that they wanted to plan a big trip for our Grandmother’s 75th Birthday.  We knew that the trip would involve the city of Barcelona because our Grandmother has always wanted to visit that city.  We decided on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise, which departed from Barcelona and ended in Venice.  Jonathan and I chose to spend a few days in Paris before meeting up with (all 16!) family members in Barcelona. Since Barcelona was one of the highlights of the trip, we all spent a couple of days exploring the city before our ship left.


We stayed in this incredible Barcelona Homeaway and I have to say – it was even better in person than the photos on the website! We loved dining on the rooftop terrace and the entire place was just gorgeous –  the tiled floors and intricate ceilings were luxurious! The location was excellent and we walked + taxied to most places.




Gaudi’s architecture was, by far, the highlight of our time in Barcelona.  Sagrada Familia is a must-see for those of you with wanderlust.  Park Guell was another favorite destination – filled with Gaudi’s unique style of architecture and city views that stretched to the ocean!



El Nacional was my favorite dining experience in Barcelona.  The design was one of the best I’ve ever seen and I loved the different menu choices! We chose La Taperia for a traditional tapas experience.  Some of the items were made to order and some items were brought to the table + offered to you.  El Nacional has made the list of my all-time favorite restaurants!



While we were in Barcelona, the city was holding a huge holiday to celebrate Saint John the Baptist.  The last night we were there, Barcelona was in full force with fireworks + celebration.  This made walking on the beach, where everyone + their kids were setting off their own fireworks, a little scary – but also made for an exciting last evening in Barcelona! As we went out for Nomad Coffee the next morning, Jonathan + I were disappointed to find that it was closed for the holiday, along with most other businesses.  We happened upon Casa Lolea for coffee and delicious brunch – we were not disappointed!  We purchased two bottles (mostly because of the packaging!) of their ‘famous sangria,’ which we enjoyed later on the trip.  I was so happy to have noticed Lolea Sangria at Whole Foods this week – we have such fond memories with that distinctive bottle!



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xoxo, Lauren


6 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Hey Lauren. My husbands company is in Barcelona. I’ve always wanted to go with him. Is Barcelona a walkable city alone?That’s usually how we travel. He works and I explore.
    You picture are beautiful. Are they taken w your phone or camera?


    1. Hi!! Thank you for your comment! You will love Barcelona! I felt completely safe there, with the exception of the wild fireworks night on the beach 😉 If you stay in a central part of town, you will be able to walk to many places. There is also a hop on/hop off bus pass that we used for a lot of the attractions that we wanted to see. There’s a train system, too! Thank you for your complement on my photos – they are taken with my Panasonic Lumix! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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