Beautiful Brushes


I was going to avoid the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Truly.  I was.

And then these brushes happened to me.

They are the most beautiful makeup brushes I have ever seen.  Clear handles, gorgeous silver hardware and amazing bristles.  Not to mention the nude carrying case with a jeweled clasp.


One of my favorite things about makeup is that it is an artform.  When I am getting ready, I try to find beauty in the process – rather than focusing on what I want to change about how I look.

{My approach to skincare + beauty: accentuate, enhance + nourish. }

Some days, getting ready is just a chore.  Other days, I take those few minutes to enjoy being a woman.  Beautiful tools and products that are good for me are part of what I love about the process.  I top it all off with spritzing on something that smells delicious from a dainty, beautiful bottle and I’m ready for what lies ahead!

These Trish McEvoy Brushes are available in this set, only through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (ends August 7th).  I have also linked the brushes individually from Amazon, below!  They are the MOST beautiful.

Shop this post:  Trish McEvoy Brush Set, Foundation Brush, Angled Eye Liner, Foundation Blender, Concealer Brush, Blending Brush, Fan Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Eye Brush, Eye Liner, Powder Brush, Tapered Eye, Eye Crease Brush, Contour Face Brush, Sponge,  Bronzer,


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